Per Iowa law you can submit a “Notice of Intent to Observe Veterans Day”. A template has been created for your convenience. A copy is available below by clicking the more tab or find a copy in the crew room. You must choose either compensated or non-compensated. If compensated it will use a PL or Vacation Day. Non-compensated is not considered for attendance purposes.

You must fax or mail request 30 days prior to November 11th, 2018. Recommended submission by fax is October 10th,2018. If mailing give time for delivery by October 10th, 2018. Attach a copy of your DD214 for compliance with law: 35.1 (Definition of a Veteran). Keep faxed receipt copy for your records. If mailed certified receipt is recommended. By law employers must notify employees at least 10 days prior to Veterans Day of determination.


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